Smart Grids

Our smart Grid Flagship offering consists of GridValue and EnergyGrid, an Energy Cloud solution that integrates distributed energy devices and provides real time energy data, analytics, and predictive models.

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A more adaptable, sustainable power grid empowered by energy intelligence

Modernizing and digitizing the distribution grid is imperative for utilities and customers to enhance power system stability, increase efficiency and safety, and integrate renewable energy sources and electric vehicles to the grid.

Corinex EnergyGrid Solution

Corinex is transforming electric grids into smart-energy networks with this three-tiered vertically integrated end-to-end solution, which has been validated by tier 1 utilities. It enables high-speed and secure connectivity, provisioning, and IOT management over utilities’ existing powerline infrastructure.

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Corinex EnergyGrid solution

EnergyGrid Products

The world’s only BPL products validated in utility and vehicle-to-gridoperations

GridValue Software

The world’s only scalable enterprise-class elements management software capable of managing millions of devices per minute

Protected by Corinex Core Firmware

Highest security level and smart-grid capabilities integrated to industry standard semiconductors

BPL network

All of our smart metering deployments offer unparalleled control and visibility with GridValue, a data aggregating and analyzing software

Provision energy resources in lessthan 3 seconds

Speed of up to 1 Gbps

Normally up to 500 houses per substation

99% availability

Plug and play installation

GridValue EMS

Corinex GridValue Elements Management Software (EMS) is atop-level network management solution that enables utilities to provide the next generation of smart-grid applications and distributed energy resource services.

Manage up to 5,000,000 Nodes

2 million messages per minute

200,000active (D)TLS

More than 1,000 events/second

More than 10,000 configuration requests in parallel​

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