Smart Grids

Our smart Grid Flagship offering consists of GridValue and EnergyGrid, a complete solution that integrates distributed energy devices and provides real time energy data, analytics, and predictive models.

Provisions energy resources in less than 3 seconds

Speeds of up to 1 Gbps

Upto 500 houses per substation


Plug and play installation

Manages up to 5,000,000 Nodes

2million messages per minute​

200,000active (D)TLS

More than 1,000 events / second

More than 10,000 configuration requests in parallel​

Key Benefits of the Corinex Solution.


Enables Cyber Security to protect customer data, prevent hacking and securely manage the Grid


Enables utilities to own and manage the communications over their Grid, eliminating the need for third-party communications operators


High speed connectivity with up to 40Mbps with UPA and up to 250Mbps with


Real-time complete visibility into grid activity through voltage sensing at connectivity points


End-to-end offering including sensors, connectivity nodes, embedded applications and network managment software


Proven solution with dependable coverage across the Grid regardless of node location

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