Advanced Metering Infrastructure

The Corinex Edge AMI Solution enables high-speed and secure metering, monitoring, provisioning, and IOT management over utilities’ existing powerline infrastructure.

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Enabling an advanced metering infrastructure

We provide the most adaptive and flexible Advanced Meter Infrastructure solution that delivers the functions and data needed to meet your specific vision for today and tomorrow.

Corinex Edge AMI solution

Our advanced technologies are designed to work with utilities’ existing powerline infrastructure to provide a secure, powerful source of data now and for generations to come.

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Edge AMI solution Architecture

Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Low Voltage Network

Residential Node
Residential Node

Data Center

GridValue EMS

Protected by Corinex Core Firmware

Highest security level and smart-grid capabilities integrated to industry standard semiconductors

BPL network

We believe that the next-generation smart grid built on a network that enables real time data exchange will lead the energy industry to a bright future.

Provision energy resources in lessthan 3 seconds

Speed of up to 1 Gbps

Normally up to 500 houses per substation

99% availability

Plug and play installation

GridValue EMS

Corinex GridValue Elements Management Software (EMS) is atop-level network management solution that enables utilities to provide the next generation of smart-grid applications and distributed energy resource services.

Manage up to 5,000,000 Nodes

2 million messages per minute

200,000active (D)TLS

More than 1,000 events/second

More than 10,000 configuration requests in parallel​

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Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Build a smarter grid integrated with a combination of advanced sensors, network and data management, and AI empowered analytics, so you can:

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