Electric Grids
Smart Energy

As global decarbonization initiatives accelerate, legislators and utilities are enabling prosumers to generate and supply electricity from renewable sources, thereby changing the way electricity is generated and distributed. This new form of decentralized intermittent energy generation causes variable power quality and unpredictable surges.

Corinex provides utility companies with a suite of high-performance networking products and software solutions, that enable high-speed and secure mass market integration of IoT devices over utilities’ existing powerline infrastructure. As a pioneer of Broadband over Powerline (BPL) solutions, Corinex helps utility companies monitor, manage, and optimize increasingly complex electrical grids.

The company offers its enterprise software-embedded products in the form of smart-meters and grid nodes with autosensing, connectivity, and computational functionalities. As part of its end-to-end solution, Corinex’s GridValue software provides nation-wide provisioning and cybersecure management of millions of IOT devices. Allowing near realtime visibility, data aggregation and processing capabilities.

Together, these form the backbone of leading utilities’ green energy transformation strategy. The company’s solution has been validated and standardized in partnership with global utilities that have some of the most stringent technology requirements.

Key Benefits of the Corinex Solution.


Enables Cyber Security to protect customer data, prevent hacking and securely manage the Grid


Enables utilities to own and manage the communications over their Grid, eliminating the need for third-party communications operators


High speed connectivity with up to 40Mbps with UPA and up to 250Mbps with


Real-time complete visibility into grid activity through voltage sensing at connectivity points


End-to-end offering including sensors, connectivity nodes, embedded applications and network managment software


Proven solution with dependable coverage across the Grid regardless of node location

Monitor Spikes from Acceptable Voltage Bands

-- Enables Predicrtive Maintanance
-- Extends Equipment Life

Detect and Quickly Locate Network Outages

-- Improves Utilization
-- Increases Uptime

Initiate Actions to Return Electric Grid to Desired State

-- Ensures regulatory Compliance
-- Improved Customer Satisfaction

We are a nimble company, with a Global Vision.

Corinex is providing products and services to tier one utility customers. The company has shipped over 250,000 nodes globally.